Some of My Products

Color Mist

For an airbrush look. Great on buttercream and rolled Fondant cakes.

Gold, Silver, and Pearl Dust

Just add a small amount of Vodka or Flavoring to make a paint and brush on. Great for Rolled Fondant cakes.

Silver and Gold Glaze

Already a paint consistency. Great for Rolled Fondant and can be applied gently to Buttercream cakes.

Food Coloring, Powder Colors

Won't bleed into icing as fast. Won't change taste and will not thin icing consistency. The big containers will save you money.

Edible Pearls

A popular item that comes in one size. If you need bigger ones, you can make your own. Just ask me how.


These are wonderful. They add an extra flavor to your cakes.

Pan Grease

A must when baking. Spread evenly on bottom and sides of cakes. Nothing will stick. I wouldn't make a cake without it.

Piping Gel

Great for creating realistic-looking ponds, lakes and water on your cakes. Also good for writing on cakes.

Quick Blend Shortening

Have you been having trouble with your icing consistency lately and colors not blending well? Try this product by Wesson Oil. It will make your icing fluffy, and it also tastes great!

Other Products Sold at Create a Cake:

I offer so many products, I can't possibly list them all here but ... here are some of the most popular things that I sell:

Cake Boards

Cake Boxes

Cake Drums

Fondant Tools

Rolled Fondant

Cookie Cutters (wide selection)

Cake Pans: Round, Square, Rectangle and Character Shapes


How-To Cake Decorating Books and Guides

Cupcake Liners, Picks and Pans

Sprinkles and Sugars

Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Pillars and Plates

Mercken's Chocolate: Dark, White, Milk and some colors

Holiday Items:

Peppermint and Toffee Crunch

and much, much more!

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